Battersea Heliport

Helicopter to Battersea Heliport

Battersea Heliport is just over Battersea bridge and only 5-10 minutes from from Chelsea [allow more time in rush hour]. The address is:
Lombard Road
SW11 3RE
Tel: 020 7228 0181


As there is limited parking, it is advised to go by taxi, rather than to try to leave a car there.
Movements are limited by local Council planning and can be exceeded, leading to rationing. Slots are always required, especially on busy event days such as Ascot, Silverstone etc. Therefore the earlier you book with us, the more likely we can get the times you want.

Landings are currently £550 +VAT. Also do be prompt. After 15 minutes on the ground, the helicopter has a £300 parking charge levied on it, which we will have to pass on. As we are only 10 minutes away at Redhill, it may be better for us to wait there and you to phone us when on the way.

Check-in times are minimal, you can get out of the car and straight onto the helicopter in minutes. If you have to wait the lounge inside has papers, coffee and loos available.

Normal hours are 0730 to 1930. Outside of these times extra charges apply. There are no movements at all after 2259 until 0700 next morning.